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White and black puppies are born 25/5-2012

2White Females

1Black Male                           

5Black Females

Mother: Eisfee Vom Bornumer Wald (Bellis)        Father: Molineux Ment To Be King (Balder)

            Born: 19-04-2007                                                                   Born: 17-11-2006

            Hight: 58cm.                                                                            Hight: 61,5

            HD status A, eyes clear, vwd and NE clear.                    HD status A, Eyes clear.

            All teeth.                                                                                    AD status A, All teeth

                                                                                                                 vwd and NE clear

Pedigree for Bellis                             Pedigree for Balder

            Multi Champion, BOB and BIS Winner                            N UCH and most winning

                                                                                                                  standardpoodel 2009

                                                                                                                  i Norge

                                                                                                                  Homepage Balder