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Kennel Beachpearl´s

We are a family who are very fond of dogs, and our wonderful standard poodels have a high priority in our lives. The most important for us is, that our poodels are happy, healthy, have an excellent temperament, and they are typical of breed.

All our dogs are "members of the family" and are used for show, obidience and agility.

The puppies grow up in the house , and they are very much in hands from the day they are born, so the socialization that is so important, can give them and their new families the very best start in their lives together. Before they leave from home, they will be DKK registrated, chipped, and have health satificate from the vet.

Ofcourse they will be cut and washed before they move to their new homes.

If you want to know more, please contact us.